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Rodent Extermination Services

Chewed wires, droppings, scratches in the walls.

Rats and field mice can be a real problem for a homeowner once they settle in. Destruction of your crawl spaces, wiring, and even your furniture can occur. Rodents can cause serious health concerns for your family and pets. Not to mention that horrid odor they leave in their wake. Long term rodent infestations can even attract additional pests like cockroaches.

Protect your family, your home, and your food. Save a potential of 100’s of dollars on damages.

There are many ways to prevent potential infestations and deal with ones you currently have; however, there is only one way to keep them from coming back: Call your local rodent extermination experts. 

We at Eagle Pest Management are experts at rooting out your rat problems. Our professionals will trap, bait, and force the rodents out of your home after identifying their entry points.

Removal of rodents from the home

Store bought traps and poisons can work. If you are too passive with your trap placement, survivors can repopulate overtime and you will be in constant conflict with their offspring. 

Standard rodent extermination process

  • Inspection of the home and location of rodent entry ways.
  • Trapping of all rats or mice in the home.

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Eagle Pest Management Recognition and Certifications

Eagle Pest Management has been awarded the Quality Pro Mark of Excellence for meeting superior industry standards including:
• Practicing environmentally responsible pest control
• Employing only highly trained licensed employees
• Maintaining an up to date insurance policy
• Checking employee references and driving history
• Doing employee criminal background checks
• Maintaining a drug-free workplace