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Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Control Services

Stink bugs, while harmless to people, can be a real pest for homeowners. More often than not, they will invade your home in numbers during the cooler seasons. Like many insects, they are attracted to warmth and bright light. This makes our residences prime real estate for them to try and settle. Their namesake, the powerful stench they give off when threatened or crushed, can be a real discomfort. If you have a pet that is likely to stir them up, you will want stink bug removal services. 

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With Eagle Pest Management, you can expect fast, effective stink bug extermination services. Our experience in the control and removal of stink bug populations around homes and offices is vital to the long term prevention of infestations. Off-the-shelf solutions can deal with the problem initially; however, professional work is recommended for lasting results. 

How are they getting in? 

As the cool seasons start, stink bugs and other bugs will get in your home any way they can. cracks, crevices, weather stripping, even damaged piping. Keeping good maintenance on the home can prevent infestations, but there will almost always be a way in. 

If you are noticing stink bugs around your home or property, they are likely not alone. This could be indicative of a larger problem on-going or beginning. It is not recommended to squash these bugs due to the potential odor that may result on furniture or carpeting. 

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