The termites most likely to attack your home are subterranean termites. All are social insects that live in large, underground colonies. Although they could number in the millions, you might never see them or any evidence of them- until you discover that they have done serious damage to your home.





  1. Cause 2-3 billion dollars worth of damage each year in the U.S alone
  2. A typical home with termites may have 3-4 colonies, with as many as 1,000,000 termites a piece.
  3. Can enter buildings through cracks less than 1/16” wide.
  4. Tell tale signs include dirt-colored mud tubes and translucent wings shed by kings and queens.
  5. Single structure can often contain multiple colonies.



  1. Thorough inspection of your home to determine if termites are present.
  2. Full treatment (if necessary) to eradicate termite colonies, using the most effective products available.
  3. A warranty that will provide peace of mind, knowing your most valuable possession is protected.






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Termite inspection reports (WDIR)

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